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Vermittler zwischen den Welten

Customers are seeking a shopping experience that surprises them. This applies to both, the digital world and the real world. But the question is, is this attainable? Yes, AMERIA’s Connected Experience (CX) makes it possible. As its own complete ecosystem, CX enables the scalable digitalization of showrooms and sales areas in a worldwide unique way.

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Die beiden Säulen der Connected Experience (CX)

Digitales Erlebnis zum Anfassen

“Knock, Knock!” The same surprise that comes with the Virtual Promoter knocking on a store window once a pedestrian passes by comes with every single one of AMERIA’s solutions. Our interactive digital solutions provide a new and unique experience for customers at the point of sale. This also holds true for other customer contact points, such as fairs, events, or entrance hallways of companies and government agencies.

Whether it’s the Virtual Promoter, or augmented reality applications and exciting discoveries that are facilitated through beacon smartphone connections – all solutions of AMERIA have one thing in common: They provide users with a unique digital experience they won’t forget.

Intelligente Vernetzung macht es möglich

Variety is key when it comes to approaching customers. The cloud-based solutions of AMERIA facilitate an intelligent connection as well as the ideal use of customer contact points. Applications such as the CX Manager® and the CX Composer adapt to any sort of company system already in place. With these applications, an infinite number of worldwide IP based, interactive devices can be managed. And on top of that, it only takes a few clicks to create and upload new content.

Personal data, which is collected in accordance with European data law (DSGVO), repeatedly flows into the communication with the customer. The well-engineered and proven system of the Connected Experience (CX) is worldwide unique and therefore patented and trademarked.

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Point of Sale

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The Connected Experience (CX) is a fully functioning ecosystem. It can be used at stationary points of sale or ….


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…at fairs, events and customer events…

Öffentlicher Raum

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… or in public areas, such as train stations and government agencies.

Worldwide Operation of
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